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Russian School of Indiana
Our mission is to encourage and promote an interest in Russian language and culture and to build an inclusive, global community. 
indyrussianschool@gmail.com      tel: 317.399.4685
School Policy
Welcome to the Russian School of Indiana – an educational enrichment center! We are glad you decided to continue or join the school and would like to provide some general information. We consider Russian School to not only be a place where children learn Russian, but more importantly, a center for Indiana’s Russian-speaking community, where children as well as parents can interact, find friends and spend time together.

Our curriculum offers an opportunity for the students to enhance and retain Russian language skills through a variety of classes. We are committed to create an environment that is conducive to learning, is fun and friendly. Classes are tailored to fit different age groups and Russian language skills levels, from 1-2 years old through adults. Classes are taught in Russian and English (consult the schedule for details).

The school year consists of two semesters (Fall/Spring): each semester is usually 12-14 lessons. All classes are held on Sundays, from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. You should consult your child’s age-appropriate group for the particular times found in Classes Schedule.
All the information and updates regarding the school can be found on the school webpage: www.indydeti.com which we highly encourage you to use.

We are located in Carmel High School (520 E Main St., Carmel, IN 46032). This facility offers plenty of classrooms, usage of auditorium for our rehearsals and events. We also offer classes on Saturdays at the Center for Early Orthodontic Treatment 9595 Angola Ct., Indianapolis, IN)

The fee is taken at the beginning of each semester. A semester usually consists of 12-14 lessons and costs $100.00 per subject/per semester for regular class (click on Fees tab for special fees).

Registration fee of $90.00 - per year/per student is used toward school’s rental agreement, school supplies, refreshments, decorations, etc. If multiple students are enrolled from the same family a discount of $10 is given to each additional student. 

Payments are accepted with checks, cash or credit card. A late fee of 30% is assessed if the payment is not arranged in the first 2 Sundays. Checks are made to Russian School of Indiana. Payment plan is available. No refunds will be issued after the semester starts, unless the class is canceled.

Any questions regarding the fees should be addressed to the school’s accountant at indyrussianschool@gmail.com

We strongly encourage parents to bring children on time for their classes. Late arrivals to a class disrupt the work and take other children’s attention away from the teacher. 

The teachers make sure to accompany children from one room to another between the classes. Unless the teacher needs parent’s help during the class, we do not recommend parents to sit in the room during the class as this disrupts children’s attention. Please, wait for your child in the school’s main lobby area. Attention parents: Carmel High School is a non-smoking campus, please, no smoking around the building.  
We are committed to providing a safe and positive environment. Kindly inform the teachers if your child has a medical or learning condition. No medical condition will preclude your child from being admitted to the school, however, if the child’s condition interferes with the constructive and positive learning environment and other children safety, the parents would be asked to remove their child from the class. The payment would be pro-rated accordingly.  

The school will be closed due to the inclement weather only in case when Carmel announces weather advisory. Please, use our web site www.indydeti.com for any last minute cancellations or updates. 

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