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Russian School of Indiana
Our mission is to encourage and promote an interest in Russian language and culture and to build an inclusive, global community. 
indyrussianschool@gmail.com      tel: 317.399.4685
Meet our team:

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    Natalia Rekhter
  • School Founder
  • Executive Director

    Anna Schultz
Academic Affairs and Strategic Planning Director

Natalia has a Bachelor degree in Education from State University of Ivanovo (Russia), Master in Health Services Administration from the University of Michigan, and Ph.D. in Higher Education and Students Affairs from Indiana University.

She joined the school in 2006 as a Theater Instructor and instructor of Russian as Second Language and in 2008 took an administrative and executive position. In 2016, she received a Serve Indiana award for her work with the Russian School and Russian Community: http://currentincarmel.com/a-labor-of-love-serve-indiana-honors-carmels-natalia-rekhter-for-work-with-russian-school

Natalia resides in Carmel with her husband and two sons.​

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Alexander (Sandro) Akhvlediani
  • Art
  • Painting
Sandro graduated from the Art Academy of Fine Art (Republic of Georgia, Tbilisi) with a Master's Degree in both Architecture and Art. He is a Member of "Georgian Artist's Union" and "Georgian International Federation of Arts" (GIFA).

Besides 20 years of a successful career in Architecture, Sandro has established himself as a painter of urban landscapes, musical genre, flowers and portraits creating his own impressionistic style.

While living in Georgia, he shared his passion of Art with students of all ages by teaching them drawing, painting and "cloisonne", a 12th century technique of molding glass into featured art.
Sandro enjoys teaching children understand and appreciate the beauty of art and to express their pure and generous world of fantasy through pallete.

You can find Sandro's art work at  sandro-akhvlediani
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Felix Bluvshtein
  • Math
Felix received his Bachelor degree from St.Petersburg Institute of Optical Technology. He joined the school in 1997 teaching Math class for kids from 4 to 14.  Felix and his family have been associated with the Russian School for many years. Both of his children are current or former students at the school. 

Основная цель курса математики в Русской Школе - это развитие у ребёнка умения рассуждать, доказывать, решать стандартные и нестандартные задачи; плюс, наш подход позволяет ученикам весело проводить время в классе - независимо от сложности решаемой задачи. Особенно удавшимися считаются уроки, на которых ученики спорят, доказывая друг другу правильность решения. Дети учатся формулировать свою мысль, обобщать, делать обоснованные выводы, критически подходить к предложенному решению. Это очень непросто стоять перед всем классом и отстаивать правильность своего решения, наши ученики делают это с 6 лет. 
Подборка задач из классических учебников не всегда подходит по стилю для таких занятий. Поэтому, в большинстве случаев задачи подбираются, или разрабатываются с нуля, учитывая интересы и подготовленность конкретного класса.
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Levon Shekhadanov

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Irena  Janiashvili
  • Art-project for 3-6 y.o.
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Levon has been playing chess since he was 6 years old at various chess clubs, and eventually at the Garry Kasparov School of Chess. Over the years, Levon took part in many chess completions and was a winner of a city district Chess Tournament in Baku (Azerbaijan).

His classes are taught in both Russian and English.  Levon with the help of Svetlana Davidovich (other chess instructor) initiated an annual Russian School Chess Tournament in 2014 opened to all chess players in the community. Please, contact Levon if you would like to enroll in the next year tournament.

Irena graduated from Georgian Technical University with a Master's in Architecture, Architecture (Tbilisi, Georgia). Presently, she works as an Architect and is an owner at the Integrity Architecture, LLC. Irena resides in Fishers with her husband Sandro Akhvlediani.

​Irena has been teaching our younger beginners to work with various art media. She is also a very accomplished at Crocheting (her Sunflower Afghan pattern design is very popular among crochet community) and she is happily sharing her talent in her new Crafts class.

Mila Belyavskaya
  • Music

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Dmitri A. Gusev
  • Video Game Programming for Teens (beginners)
Dmitri A. Gusev is an Associate Professor in Computer and Information Technology (CIT) at Purdue University College of Technology Columbus. His primary research interests are imaging, graphics, game development, visualization, and computational linguistics. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Indiana University in 1999. More information about Dr. Gusev can be found at https://tech.purdue.edu/profile/dgusev

Dr. Gusev will teach a class “Intro to Game Programming”. Below is his course description and requirements. 
“Go past game playing to learn the fundamentals of how video games are made! Learn the basics of coding in C#, formulate a game concept, and import 3D objects and animations into Unity, a popular game engine. In Unity, develop a 3D game level and import an animated character into it. Use C# scripting to implement movement and simple actions of the player character. Let's throw some fireballs and ice bolts! (Warning: Don't try this at home.)

Age: 13 and up
Previous exposure/experience in programming is not required

Need to bring your own laptop. Any modern laptop meeting system requirements for both

a) Autodesk Maya 2015 http://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/maya/troubleshooting/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/System-requirements-for-Autodesk-Maya-2015.html 


b) Unity (for development), http://unity3d.com/unity/system-requirements​
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Mila Belyavskaya received her degree in Music Pedagogy in the 1970s. Before her departure from Ukraine to USA in 1994, she has taught general music for 21 year in one of Kiev’s schools. While there, she had received a prestigious Excellence in Public Education award.
In her work with children Mila uses the basic principles of famous Polish-Jewish educator Janusz Korczak, whose main idea was that the teacher should be able to rise to the child’s level.
Mila is confident that all children are talented, especially when it comes to music. Therefore, during the lessons, she uses a complex teaching approach, paying equal attention to rhythm, improvisation, listening, singing, playing musical games, learning basic music notation and ear training. Our lesson is a lesson of joy!

Принцип построения уроков музыки - это учёба с "сюрпризами", с игровыми элементами.
Каждое музыкальное занятие включает в себя следующие разделы: музыкально-ритмические движения, пальчиковая гимнастика, развитие чувства ритма, пение, игры, слушание музыки.
В новом семестре хочется уделить больше внимания творчеству: разгадыванию музыкальных кроссвордов, сочинению мелодий, пению, музыкальной грамоте.
Музыкальные занятия - это радость и волшебство.

Originally from Japan, Mr.Kenji Matsuki received his PhD from Columbia University in 1988 and has been a full professor of Math at Purdue University for many years. Additionaly, Mr.Matsuki has agreed to join our school to teach a new Advanced Math program.

In his Advanced mathematics for 7-8 th graders (Algebra and Geometry), Mr.Matsuki's goal is to prepare the students better and stronger for the advanced high school mathematics by training them to think rather than just forcing them to memorize the formulas.

The goal of this series for Advanced 9 graders is to prepare the students better and stronger
for the Calculus courses they are going to take at the universities (or even at their
high schools). I am now teaching Freshmen Calculus at Purdue University, so I
know first-hand what they should expect.

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Suzan Dluz
  • Math tutoring for 1st through 6th grades
Dr. Susan Dluz has a PhD in Physiology, and for 16 years has been teaching at the IU School of Dentistry. Now Dr. Dluz tutors students in Algebra at North Central High School. Below is her teaching philosophy.

"Many students struggle a great deal with math, and Algebra seems to be particularly difficult for many. While reviewing and applying the Algebraic concepts, the students are also addressing areas of basic math that they have struggled with. Common difficulties I am seeing: working with negative numbers, fractions and ratios, factoring, decimals, exponents, square roots, graphing, and of course, WORD PROBLEMS! Topics could range from exponents to telling time, depending on the age with focus on students' individual needs

​I ​am planning to work with lower division students who wish to strengthen their math skills​. I​ envision helping students using: teams, games, relay races, ​or ​setting up simple experiments where students can practice taking measurements, calculating averages, asking questions and coming up with possible explanations. My lessons can also be tailored to students' specific needs and interests. 

​* This class will be taught in English.​

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Irina Carr
Russian as a Second Language (Beginners and Intermediate)
Irina was born in Russia, Siberia. She got a bachelor degree " English as a second language" and equivalent master degree in linguistics in Tomsk State Pedagogical University. She started teaching her first students while in college. After her graduation Irina travelled to China where she lived for 3 years. She studied Chinese and taught Russian and English as a second language. In 2012 Irina moved to US with her husband. And her teaching journey did not stop here. She worked as a private tutor of Spanish, Chinese, Russian and English. Currently Irina works as an ESL teacher at charter schools. 
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Tatyana graduated from the Linguistic College of Foreign Languages in Russia, Nizhny Novgorod and taught French and German to students of grades 5-10 at school in Vilnius, Lithuania. 

After moving to US in 1993 she worked as a substitute teacher in middle and high schools of Knox Community School Corporation, Indiana. In 2006, Tatyana was offered to work as Instructor of Russian and French languages at Indy Foreign Languages Academy, Carmel, Indiana. 

Tatyana’s strong communication and professional skills combined with her extensive experience teaching both Russian and French help adults and children alike succeed in learning a new language. 

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Irina Yoshida
Irina Yoshida graduated from the Moscow Telecomminication and Information University and worked as a software developer mostly for telecommunication companies in Russia, Italy and Denmark. During her career as a software developer Irina also had a brief period of working for medical research lab at Moscow Sklifosovsky Research Institutes. In 1993-1995 Irina took a break from the software development to work at the Russian State TV as a on air production coordinator. 

Despite her technical background Irina has always had passion for theater and took various drama classes during her school and university years.
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Katerina Zakonova is an advanced student of the Indiana Ballet Conservatory's Pre-Professional Day Program, where she has been training for the last two years. She has been recognized by the Youth America Grand Prix as a Top 12 finalist in the Semi-Finals in both Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance, and is excited to be teaching the young students at the Russian School of Indiana.
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Katya Uvarova
  • Art
Svitlana Iarmolenko Ramer
  • Theater 4-6 y.o. in Russian (Saturday)
  • Yogha
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Svitlana Iarmolenko Ramer, born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine, moved to the US in 2008 to pursue an advanced degree. A graduate of Taras Shevchenko National University’s Geography Department, Svitlana obtained her MS from East Carolina University and her PhD from Penn State in Recreation, Leisure, Wellness, and Tourism Studies. Initially focusing on psychological wellbeing of travelers and migrants, Svitlana spent a semester with the Department of Developmental Psychology of Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany. After several years of teaching at Georgia Southern University and Texas A&M University, Svitlana decided to take her work in a more applicable direction, obtaining yoga teacher certification and teaching yoga, mindfulness, holistic health, and wellbeing to both adults and children. While maintaining her appointment at Texas A&M, Svitlana has taught after school geography programs and yoga, meditation, and holistic health to adults and children. She is passionate about fostering mind-body connection and natural health in individuals of all ages through educational programs and the physical practices of yoga, meditation, and herbal healing. 

Екатерина Уварова - преподаватель изобразительного искусства. В 2011 году окончила Российский государственный педагогический университет имени А. И. Герцена в г. Санкт-Петербург. Присуждена степень Магистра Художественного образования по направлению “Художественное образование”. Опыт работы с детьми более 6ти лет . Ежегодно ученики Екатерины принимают участие в конкурсах : Planet of art Washington and Endangered Species. 

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Svetlana Spencer received her Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics from Indiana University and Master’s degree from Indiana University Kelly School of Business. She has always been passionate about languages and studied German, Turkish and Polish. Svetlana has been teaching English as a Second Language for the past 10 years at schools and as a private tutor- mostly at advance levels. She specializes in intensive instructions for adults, explaining the concepts of Grammar and Morphology so that the language makes sense versus memorizing. She uses fun interactive techniques like watching movies, listening to songs.
Lana Spencer
  • Introduction to Russia and Russians
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Dr. Sergey Ermasov has PhD of Economics. He worked as Full Professor in the Department of Finance at Saratov State University and Associate Professor in Saratov State Social-Economics University in Russia. He was Visiting Professor in Russian and East European Institute at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. He was the teacher of Russian Language, Art and Culture for kids from 7 to 17 years in Russian school “Rosinka” (special project of Russian and East European Institute, Indiana University) in Bloomington, IN. One of his main principles is an individual approach to each student in his class. 
Sergey Yermasov
  • Math for 5-6 y.o.
  • Russian Language for Native Speakers (7-8 y.o.)
  • Geography
  • Auto & Avia Modelling
  • I Want to Know Everything (Russian Language Science Based Class for 8+ y.o.)