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Russian School of Indiana
Our mission is to encourage and promote an interest in Russian language and culture and to build an inclusive, global community. 
indyrussianschool@gmail.com      tel: 317.399.4685
The school offers the following group classes:
  • Russian Language and Literature (for heritage speakers)
  • Russian as Second Language (both children and adults)
  • Theater
  • Math
  • Advanced Mathematics for middle and high school students
  • Early Childhood Development

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  • Art (both children and adults)
  • Music
  • Chess
  • Choir
  • Video Game Coding
  • ESL
  • French
  • Private lessons: Russian, Art, Piano, Voice, Math, French, Hebrew, History
  • Russian Language Placement Test. This course is aimed at high school or college students who are interested in taking a Russian language test in place of foreign language college requirements. In the past, students were able to test out of 8 to 12 college credit hours. The class is recommended for children from Russian-speaking families with exposure to the Russian language at home or to anyone with ability to understand and speak Russian.